Gemini for Workspace(formerly DUET AI)

We all have heard about Bard(now Gemini), a language model. But what about we think of a solution that does regular productivity tasks like drafting emails, scheduling meeting etc. for us? This is where comes Gemini for Workspace. Google initially released DUET AI but now it decided to change its name to Gemini for Workspace to commercialize the service.

Google’s Gemini for Workspace uses generative AI features like summarizing texts and generating images to Google Workspace collaborating tools like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc. An example could be while writing a mail, the user might say, “Help me write an email to invite Sheba Technologies for the Webinar of Upstra”. At that time, they would directly, generate an invitation mail.

Gemini for Workspace just does not work as a language model but also integrates with Gmail and Meet. It helps in such a way that a person do not need to copy like they needed to do from a language model(LLM) rather can directly draft the mail with the help of the AI in Gmail. Another example could be assisting and organizing tasks. Normally Google Sheets is used to organize and visualizing tasks. However, memorizing the excel formula is very difficult. Therefore using Gemini for Workspace (formerly DUET AI), it would be easier to write formulas without needing to memorize the formula.

Gemini for Workspace can be used for:

a)Sales and Planning: The sales team needs this service since they need to create personalized email, develop sales visuals and personalized action for selling.

b)HR, Recruiting & Onboarding: HR can use it for writing regular job advertisements, email communications, developing ideas.

c)Marketing & Communication: Marketing and PR department creates and evaluates SEO contents, helps creating press releases etc.

In short, Gemini integrates with GWS apps whose features are constantly learning and improving. It is a way to enhance productivity of any work environment.