Education via Google’s Gemini for Workspace

In 2023, Google reintroduced DUET AI for Workspace(currently Gemini for Workspace) as a generative AI tool integrated in the Workspace applications. It works as an Artificial Intelligence assistance for GWS apps like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets etc.

Google Education is divided into 2 parts. a) Chrome OS for Education b)Google Workspace for Education. Google Workspace for Education is GWS version for educational institutions. The tools that it mostly features are Google Classroom, Google Assignments, and Google Meet. More than 150 million students and teachers use Google Workspace for Education in the world.[1]

Let us take a look at some use-cases of Google Workspace for Education:

a) Assisting to create contents: Gemini AI for Workspace helps teachers to make course materials and advise them to write things concisely, and reducing redundancy.

b)Paraphrasing: It would be a tool that would help students and teachers to paraphrase and changing the tone of their content.

c)Organizing workload: With AI sheets, it can help to manage project, activities that educators want to manage or track.

Indeed Gemini for Workspace(formerly DUET AI) will help institutes to maximize their outputs and enhance productivity.