Secure BRAC GCP Infra by Security Command Center

BRAC managed its on-prem and cloud infrastructure with standard security practices as per its security policy. However, when it comes to production requirements for more security, they are adopted Security Command Center Premium to provide comprehensive threat detection for Google Cloud Infrastructure that includes Event Threat Detection, Container Threat Detection, and Threat Prevention. BRAC, UPSTRA, and Google Expert team jointly created a standard procedure and deployed SCC for BRAC as per requirement. – Configuring Security Command Center. – Prepare a Security Command Center dashboard. – Work with findings in the Security Command Center dashboard. – Error Detection. – Threat Prevention. BRAC identified some misconfigurations from their virtual machines and fixed them as per recommendation. BRAC identified some risks in their VPC network fixed as per recommendation. BRAC identified some permission issues in the storage bucket, and identity and access management policies and updated their permission and policies. BRAC prepared a centralized dashboard to manage GCP security.