MGI partners with Upstra for renewing their multi year Google Cloud contract

Upstra Communications Limited(UCL) is the first premier partner of Google Cloud Platform in Bangladesh, currently,providing Google Cloud service to different industry verticals like large conglomerates, N.G.O’s, Media Houses, telecommunication companies etc. 

MGI, one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh, have embarked on a partnership with UCL to accelerate their digital transformation using GCP

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) one of the fastest growing hyperscalers in Bangladesh is helping  customers fast track their cloud journey by providing not only scalable and secure Infrastructure but also helping them digitally transform using:

●     Data Analytics, AI/ML

●     Infrastructure & Application Modernization

●     Enhanced Security, Cyber Security & Compliance

Meghna Group of Industries(MGI) is a powerful player within Bangladesh and is one of the  largest stakeholders of industrial development in Bangladesh. Upstra will be providing Google Cloud managed service to MGI, as the latter has decided to continue and expand their digital journey in Google Cloud.

MGI hopes to achieve new heights in its technology adoption with the help of Google Cloud. Upstra will be using Google Cloud’s impeccable infrastructure  for speeding up the digital expansion of MGI.

During a recent signing ceremony on December 6, 2023, Reaz Ahmed, Managing Director and CEO of Upstra Communications Limited and Taif Bin Yousuf, Senior Executive Director of Meghna Group of Industries shook hands as a token of extending the partnership in presence of the Google Cloud Platform(GCP) team. In that ceremony,  Taif bin Yousuf, Senior Executive Director, Meghna Group of Industries, Asadul Hashem,Chief Information Officer, Meghna Group of Industries, MGI technical Team members, Reaz Ahmed, Managing Director, Upstra Communications Limited, Somael Kabir, Chief Operating Officer, Upstra Communications Limited, Diya Chamaria, Head of Sales, India East & Bangladesh, Google Cloud Platform, Deepak Singh, Head of Mid-Enterprise-Corporate Segment, India & SAARC, Google Cloud, Commercial and Technical Team of Upstra Communications Limited were present.

“It is inspiring to witness the incredible journey of a first-generation company, from its humble beginnings to its impressive achievements. Second, the performance across our business levels has been phenomenal, and we are deeply grateful for this successful partnership. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration.”-Deepak Singh,Head of Mid Enterprises-Corporate Segment, India & SAARC, Google Cloud.

“MGI has been one of the earliest adopters of Google Workspace and Google Cloud and the partnership has been one of trust and mutual respect. Switching your core business from an existing platform to a new one is never an easy decision but MGI trusted GCP for their technical capabilities, account alignment and Brand value to become the 1st conglomerate to host their SAP on GCP 3 years ago and with a hassle free migration and an overall highly satisfying partnership chose to renew their multi year contract again thru our local partner UCL this time. Its been a fantastic journey together and a great partnership and we look forward to working with you across LOB’s in the times to come.”Diya Chamaria, Head of Sales, India East & Bangladesh.

“Upstra, the premier partner of Google Cloud Platform, is proud to get the opportunity to become technology partner of Meghna Group of Industries(MGI). Opportunities are opened up. Fantastic things are coming up. I look forward to this partnership going a long way and doing fantastic things together. Thanks to the Google team for their exceptional support towards Upstra to become the local face of Google Cloud Platform(GCP).”-Reaz Ahmed, Managing Director, Upstra Communications Limited.

“Our partnership has been there for a long time. I would like to thank Upstra for being our local support partner and hope this continues. We are one of the first movers of Cloud in Bangladesh and have always got the required help from Google. We are hopeful to get an added help from Google with Upstra being there as our local partner this time also we are proud, that this time we signed the deal with Bangladeshi Premium Google partner to support us for coming  years”-Taif Bin Yousuf, Senior Executive Director, Meghna Group of Industries.

“We began the journey as one of the first users of Cloud. We tested all the big cloud providers and finally settled with Google. The main reason for hopping from one cloud to another is to get the most effective managed service. Finally, we settled with Google who provided us with the best managed service.”-Asadul Hashem, CIO, Meghna Group of Industries.