Khan Academy Case Study with Google Cloud

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Khan Academy maintained several website for their video-library. However, the platform showed its limitations with an increase of traffic. The company knew to offload technical concerns to make videos for Khan Academy Library. In this regard, Khan Academy Chose App-Engine as its growing collection of 2000+ videos could easily be maintained resolving organizations overall server. Currently, Khan Academy has 3.8 million unique visits a month in the website. Now, with App-Engine they don’t need a system administrator. For this, they can only focus only on their UI(user interface) than focusing on managing the traffic. Regarding this issue, Ben Kamens(lead developer of Khan Academy) says, “With Google App Engine, we don’t need a system administrator or anyone dedicated to deploying our app, so 99 percent of our time is spent working on our application”. He also added, “Our application lives on Google App Engine, and we bank all of our scalability and traffic concerns on Google App Engine. Even huge traffic spikes from Sal’s media appearances don’t worry us since we know that Google App Engine will handle the spike.”