Google Workspace seamlessly integrates all of the core elements of work, like email, chat, voice and video calling, document collaboration, storage, task management, security tools, and admin controls so your users can connect, create and collaborate, easily and securely, from wherever they are.

How Google Workspace is different:

  1. Flexible: A solution that makes it easy to work securely from anywhere
  2. Helpful: Industry-leading AI helps you focus on high-value work
  3. Innovative: Immersive, Human-centered experiences keep people connected
  4. Trusted: Secure, cloud-based controls that are easy to manage

Why Google Workspace makes sense for your business

Companies with engaged employees have higher retention: 68%of Google Workspace users in large companies say they enjoy their work more since adopting the technology. Only 30% of Microsoft 365 users say the same.

Innovative companies show stronger profit growth:75% of Google Workspace users say it has made their team more innovative. Only 55% of Microsoft 365 users say the same.
The best value for your investment: 171 hours saved per user per year, equal to ~21 days per user per year. 20% reduction of on-demand tech support.331% ROI driven by Google Workspace.